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Some of the best things in life are free, like quality images

One of the challenges a content creator will face is how to make content ‘pop’ and one of the answers to that question is to use visual elements to complement a story.

A picture will add an extra dimension to the story and make it easier for visitors to quickly grasp what you’re trying to say and according to this infographic, articles with images in them have 94% more views than their image-less counterparts.

Just think of the last time you tried to find some information.  You clicked on a link and all you got was a page full of text.  Did you continue reading it to see if the article had the information you needed or did you leave and tried to find another source?

Time is precious and we all don’t have the time to read through something that might not even be what we were looking for.   Let’s save everybody’s time with good, relevant images or videos in our content.

But the next problem we all face is we’re not good at taking pictures, so our best option is to use somebody else’s work in our work.  But buying stock photos can be expensive and googling images and using them without permission is just plain wrong.

What you need is media under the CC0 license which allows you to use or distribute the media, even for commercial purposes without permission.  You can read about it here.

Two of my favourite sources of CC0 media are.

Unsplash (

Unsplash is my absolute favourite.  The quality of images on this site are outstanding and you can normally find an image that will portray your message.

free images from unsplash

free picture from unsplash

Pixabay (

In addition to great free images, Pixabay also has a library of free videos which looks great as a video background on a website.

Free pictures from pixabay

free images from Pixabay