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There's a story to be told within every data set

From 3 hours to 10 minutes

A reporting analyst for an ASX listed company spends 3 hours a day running reports for the accounts payable department.  He is required to have these reports ready by 10am so the managers can plan their daily work allocation.

This also meant the analyst had to come in to work at 7am every single day.

We automated the whole process and reduced the time required for data extraction, manipulation to presentation down to 10 minutes.  All the reports are automatically scheduled to run and saved in their designated locations without human intervention.

The only thing the analyst has to do now is review and highlight any trends and provide valuable insights to his stakeholders.  He can then move on and focus his talents on more important tasks.

Intelligent Business

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BI Architecture

We’ll create a framework that suits your BI needs

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Spend time making decisions and not interpreting numbers with visually stunning dashboards

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Your dashboards will be available to you wherever you are and on any device

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